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THASOS An emerald island

The extended forests and the enchanting mountainous landscape of this verdant island of Macedonia region, brings Pelion to mind. However, it is the diving in the emerald waters of its countless golden beaches, that is indelibly recorded in your mind as an unforgettable experience.


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PAROS, Parian white

A stroll along the busy seafront of Parikia, a dive in the tropical Kolymbithres and at dusk, ouzo at the picturesque Naoussa… For more private occasions, put on your explorer hat and head out to discover places that even here, in cosmopolitan Paros, resist mass tourism. (more…)

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Laconia: Mani, Cape Taenarus

The southernmost end of eastern Europe’s mainland
To the Gates of Hades.
Bare rocks, rapid windy slopes and sharp cliffs… rough seas and haunted-like fortresses, but also calm fishing villages, not to mention the tempting glassy beaches… all will be your fellow travellers in a different journey that will rivet you, here in the southernmost end of Peloponnese, in the southernmost end of Balcans.  We are on the waterless stony land of Mani where untamed people once lived… (more…)

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EDESSA,  songs of water

Every single corner of this city is filled with the sound of gurgling water. Edessa does not exist without its waterfalls and the waterfalls cannot exist without Edessa. They are the city’s landmark. This unbreakable bond in time has always been the main reason why this Macedonian city became popular Read more…

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