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THRACE, Xanthi,  a multicultural crossroad

One thousand images, one thousand colours… “one thousand and one nights” make up the setting of this enchanting city of contrasts, here in the heart of Thrace, where different civilizations come together, where East meets West, Old meets New… First impressions Two different worlds coexist today in Xanthi, a contemporary Read more…

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EDESSA,  songs of water

Every single corner of this city is filled with the sound of gurgling water. Edessa does not exist without its waterfalls and the waterfalls cannot exist without Edessa. They are the city’s landmark. This unbreakable bond in time has always been the main reason why this Macedonian city became popular Read more…

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ALONNISOS, an alternative destination

A low profile destination that leaves the competitive tourism industry for its crowded neighbours. It nevertheless keeps gaining faithful and distinguished friends. Alonnisos is an “Arc” of an unspoilt nature, an alternative and different island… First impressions The island’s trademark is the superb pine forest that covers most of its Read more…

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