Kea: the gateway to the Aegean

Often overlooked in favour of its more popular siblings, Kea offers a direct introduction to the Cycladic islands with its important archaeological remains, its multiple natural trails, and its mixed architectural styles. A sixty-minute sea voyage from Lavrio, Kea, or Tzia as it’s more popularly known among Greeks,
is the closest of the Cycladic islands to the mainland. Despite its proximity, which brings more than its fair share of tourists, it is much more than a stepping stone to the Aegean and is deserving of a thorough exploration, preferably on foot. Kea is characteristic for the Cyclades, an archipelago renowned for the blue and white colours of the Aegean and a richness of flora and fauna
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Shores of serenity

BOATS gently rocking on the calm sea, seagulls circling overhead, empty nets spread out in the sun next to rusty anchors. Serenity is the word that best describes the picturesque harbours of the so-called barren shipping routes of the Myrtoan Sea between the Cyclades islands and the Peloponnese.
Accessible by car, the harbours of Kyparissi and Plaka-Poulithra in Laconia and Arcadia are the ideal locations to just kick back, relax and take in the calm
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PAROS – ANTIPAROS: The best of both worlds

WHEN it comes to tourist infrastructure and amenities, the Cycladic island of Paros has got it all. But the abundance of rooms for rent, hotels and villas is not what this idyllic island is all about.
Apart from its golden beaches and exuberant nightlife, Paros (a four-hour ferry trip from Piraeus) also a boasts a long history.
It has been a steady supplier of the precious Paria lithos (Parian stone or marble). The transparent, white marble was chiselled and carved by the greatest sculptors of antiquity with the statues of the Nike of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo, on display at Paris’ Louvre Museum, serving as the most famous examples.
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Heading for a White Christmas

Little known to those who haven’t ventured beyond the often overcrowded pistes of Arachova and Kalavryta, the ski resorts of northern and central Greece never fail to surprise visitors. And there’s no need to be an avid ski lover to appreciate the panoramic views and spectacular alpine landscapes on offer … but if you are, so much the better Continue reading

Go tell it on the mountains!

ΗISTORY, alpine landscapes, snow-clad forests and good traditional food conspire to make Greece’s mountain villages the ideal Christmas getaways. From the popular resorts of Vytina and the gorges of Dimitsana to the white peaks of Steni overlooking the misty Aegean, the picturesque villages tucked away in the mountainous regions beyond Attica are often no more than a three-hour drive away from Athens Continue reading