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A coastal gemstone On the northern edge of Lesvos island, alluring shores and a lush green inland compose the magnificent background where the medieval city of Molyvos stands out with its quaint neighbourhoods, overlooking the Aegean. Molyvos, one of the most scenic seaside cities of the Aegean, impresses the spectator Read more…

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ANDROS, the skippers’ island

The skippers’ island A distinguished-looking island with a strong maritime tradition, cultural life, cosmopolitan resorts, wonderful natural surroundings and authentic rural landscape! It is one of the most interesting destination of the Cyclades in a short distance from the capital. First impressions The mountainous character of the island creates some Read more…

IOANNINA – Mirror lake architecture, boat, castle, city, Epirus, giannena, Greece, island, lake, monument, mountain, fisherman Γιάννενα. Γιάννινα, Ελλάδα, Ιωάννινα, ταξίδια

IOANNINA, the mirror lake

We wander around the Old City and its bristling-with-legends castle; we scout the paths of history on the Island, plan short getaways to the nearby countryside, but still return to the shores, to enjoy reflexions of a magical place… Lake Pamvotis always keeps us coming back, like a magnet. (more…)

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