“Views of Greece” creators, Germaine Alexakis & Theodore Athanasiadis,  have travelled all over the country for many years now, thus they have gained a deep knowledge of Greece. They are experienced in fields of photography, tourism, culture and ecology, as a result of a long-lasting professional and voluntary activity.

Views of Greece”  team members are experts in Greece, seen as a travel or tourist destination of cultural, historical, ecological interest, traditional architecture, still intact natural beauty and genuine hospitality.

They are also focused in ecotourism, wild life preservation, protection of environment, as well in the field of friendly eco-sports and outdoor activities in nature. All the above consist a strong potentiality that give their brand name a different, unique prospective to present Greece -along with an honest and reliable approach- in a way most attractive to the future visitor.

“Views of Greece” experts’ views and opinion expressed in extended articles and photographic travelogues have been regularly presented since 1990 in the most widely known magazines and newspapers of our country.

2014 up to now: Part of Theo photo archive has been uploaded on some worldwide renown stock photography collections

2013- 2017: “Travel book” weekly inset of “Ethnos” newspaper (Pegasus Press Group)

2012-up to now: In the weekly inset Nisides of the “Efimerida Syntakton’ (Efsyn) (“Independent Press Media” SA), the first news-editors’ cooperative in Greece, a successful attempt for a true independent journal, ever tried in Greece in times of economic crisis

2012- 2017 : In the weekly inset “Travel” of “Ethnos” newspaper (Pegasus Press Group)

2012 up to April 2016: “Explore Greece”, a mobile application by Vodafone Greece,  in Greek and English language about travel destinations in Greece

2010- 2012: “Travels” and “Eco” insets of “Kathimerini” newspaper and “Real News” newspaper at the “Real Escape” inset magazine

2000-2010: For more than ten years there was a constant presentation of Views of Greece travelogues in “Geotropio” magazine, edited by “Eleftherotypia” newspaper, with the highest circulation in the Greek press.

2008-2009: “Taxydromos” monthly inset of “Ta Nea” newspaper (Lambrakis Press Group)

2007: Touristic guides series “Traditional settlements” published as an inset of the “Imerisia” newspaper (Pegasus Press Group)

2007-2009 : “Explore Nature” monthly inset magazine of Ethnos newspaper (Pegasus Press Group editions)

2004 and 2005: Along with his partner Germaine Alexakis, he has published – in Greek only- the first and the second volume (respectively) of their own guide series “Unknown travelling destinations” named “Live in the most beautiful mountainous villages of Greece”

2004 : “Views of Greece” has also participated in  the national promotion project -via internet – of Greek tourism, during the Athens’ Olympic Games of 2004, presenting many destinations from all over the country on “Athens’s News Agency (ANA-MPA)” website.

Since 1994: “Travelling” magazine, “E” inset magazine of “Eleftherotypia” newspaper,  “Auto Motor und Sport”, “Autotriti”, “Quattroruote” magazines and the annual edition “TOURING”

1993-2009: “Vita” monthly magazine (Lambrakis Press Group)

1990-1993: “4wheels” magazine (4troxoi)

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